Tactical Tailor Super Belt

Tactical Tailor
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The Tactical Tailor Super Belt replaces the issued kidney pad used with the ALICE pack frame but with a number of improvements. Most importantly, the Tactical Tailor Super Belt utilizes 1.5" padding for maximum comfort. Other features include a dual adjustable front buckle and side webbing attachment points to allow additional modular gear to be attached directly to the belt. Two easy to use adjustable buckles replace the awkward 'ratchet' style attachment system on the issue kidney pad. The Tactical Tailor Super Belt is a must have for anyone seeking more comfort and durability with their ALICE or MALICE Packs.


  • 1.5" padding for maximum comfort
  • Dual adjustable front buckle
  • Side webbing attachment point
  • 2 adjustable buckles
  • Made in the USA!